What Is Amazon Up To Now?

After a Prime Day fail that cost them millions and a strike from Amazon workers, it seems like the popular online distributor of whatever you need is always in the news for something different. Their latest endeavors seem to be an attempt to branch out their services, but is the company beginning to overstep their boundaries?

I’ll admit, the first seems like a genuine gesture. Amazon is investing another $1.5 million in Seattle’s public transport system, helping workers utilize the bus system in particular to get to work more efficiently. The investment will help in making 22 more bus stops on some of Seattle’s busiest routes, as over half of employees for Amazon get to work in another fashion besides driving a car. 20 percent are reported to take the bus, and Amazon has invested over $60 million in public transport since 2014.

Now, let’s get into some uncharted territory. Business Insider reports that Amazon wants to start their own “post office” locations that function like a more advanced Amazon Locker. Essentially, they want buildings that ship out and receive only Amazon packages in order to streamline the process of getting goods to their customers and helping them return them easily and with no cost. These Amazon post offices will hold your package for up to two weeks, so you can pick it up at your leisure and not have to risk leaving it on your front door step.

Is Amazon trying to stretch too far into other facets with these investments? There are also rumors of Amazon getting back into the mobile phone industry. As the most successful online retailer currently on the market, it seems like there’s little to no limitation on exactly what Amazon can do.

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4 years ago