Official Announcement Of Heathrow Airport Expansion


The U.K. Secretary of Transport, Chris Grayling, addresses Parliament with the final proposal for the expansion of Heathrow airport in England.

Grayling proposes an airport national policy statement to signal the commitment to the final plan for the Heathrow airport expansion. He says that this new initiative will create thousands of new jobs, while boosting the economy.

This expansion has been debated over for half a century and this decision is of national interest. With Heathrow being the biggest international airport servicing Europe, this expansion could lead to an economic boom with added flight services.

The Independent Airports Commission in 2015 concluded that adding a new north-west runway for Heathrow airport would be the best plan to ensure additional capacity, agreeing on the plan in 2016. Grayling says that they will be publishing the Government’s response today, making the project official.

The new expansion is projected to handle volumes of 130 million passengers the project would cost £31 million. Surinder Arora says that his company, Arora Group, has devised an alternative to cut the cost of the new expansion.

Arora says his company created an alternative plan collaborating with a team of contractors, advisors, and aviation architects. Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) is ordered to work with other potential partners on this project, with implications to work with competitors.

This order is to break the monopoly of HAL and to give other businesses in the same sector a chance to work with them. Arora says that the commercial aspect behind it is motivation for involvement in the project, while creating competition for future generations.

Arora would also be an ideal candidate for a partnership with HAL because they own land surrounding Heathrow that can be potentially used for the extension. He goes onto state that HAL is good at protecting their monopoly while working towards this expansion for decades.

Arora also claims that his group has already devised a master plan, when HAL has yet to do so. The publication of Arora’s master plan will make them the biggest competition in possible partners for the Heathrow expansion. Check out the video above for more on this airport expansion deal.

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3 years ago