Netflix is Hiring in New York City

Netflix is increasing its operations in New York City.

The streaming giant is trying to spread some Hollywood love to East Coast America, and as such they are looking for new talent and skilled professionals to help them expand their operations.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has reported that Netflix will open a new production location in Brooklyn. The digital streaming company also intends to move onto bigger working spaces located in Manhattan. At the moment, Netflix’s offices in NYC only have 30 employees, but that will soon change. By 2024, the Manhattan locations will have 127 more workers. We can rest fairly well-assured that Netflix will follow through on this promise, as the company must meet these hiring requirements in order to earn tax incentives worth $4 million.

The Netflix location in Brooklyn will be a production warehouse in Bushwick. The next five years are expected to see this new Netflix hub host thousands of new productions. Netflix has already completed many projects in NYC, and now the company appears to be doubling down in the Big Apple.

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10 months ago