Money, Sadness, & Anxiety

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If you are stressed, sad, or even lose sleep over money, you’re a part of a growing club.

There are many ways that a bad financial situation can shake you to your core, but staying strong and moving on is key if you want to improve the situation.

According to a recent study by CompareCards, about 70% of Americans have cried about their money at some point. Among these people, some were moved to tears from a treasured gift or a financial windfall, but many more suffer from the financial shocks in their life. It’s a common experience to be moved to tears from job loss, too much debt, a tight budget, and other financial hardships. In the end, crying about finances for one reason or another is a universal experience. In fact, the same study reports that 57% of Americans have shed a tear over a financial issue this year.

When you’re faced with financial hardships, it’s important to remain focused. Suffering from negative emotions is completely fine, but you must use those feelings to spur yourself into action. First, try taking a moment to think purely on the positives in your finances. Keep in mind that so many people are suffering from similar problems and there shouldn’t be any shame associated with these problems. Of course, stop comparing yourself to others, especially online. When you’re in a financial rough spot, or any other kind of rough spot, it’s normal to compare yourself to others. While this is normal, it’s still toxic and must be avoided.

The bottom line is that these negative feelings over finances are normal, but they are meant as a call to action.

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7 months ago