Microsoft Prepared To Close Deal On Github

Back in June, Microsoft announced their plans to acquire Github, a privately owned open-source coding website. This week they are in the final stages of closing the deal, and will make a sizable profit in the process.

Once Microsoft obtains antitrust EU approval for the deal, it will officially purchase Github for $7.5 billion USD. This will be the second largest website acquisition Microsoft has made since purchasing LinkedIn in 2016 for $26 billion USD.

Github is one of the largest code hosts in the world, with 28 million developers utilizing it as their primary platform. Microsoft hopes that, by integrating Github and its users, it will be able to stand on equal footing with companies like Amazon in regards to cloud computing solutions.

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella has assured Github users that the platform will remain open-source without any favoritism toward Microsoft products.

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2 years ago
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