Luxury Fashion Brands Boom Balkan Factory Industry


Most fashion houses employ factories for their products in Asia and Indonesia, now are turning to Balkan and Russian factories for their production.

The luxury brands are shifting to Balkan countries to keep up with demand for product. Fashion houses are shifting to this option for ethical work conditions and many factories. Balkan states have received more orders from luxury fashion brands, with increasing orders due to the high quality of product from this region.

The Balkan factories started will small orders from less known brands but have been receiving more luxury brands. The luxury sector is projected to grow in 5 percent this year, prompting southeastern Europe to focus it’s effort in gaining more high-profile clients.

Bulgaria has some of the lowest wages in the EU and is well positioned to challenge the manufacturing hubs like Portugal. With short business cycles having factories that are closer in distance to the fashion house, meaning the faster the product can release on the market means faster profit return.

These factories are investing in new technology to make garments faster, while not having to compromise work conditions. The factories are also working to provide a better work environment to include a gym and cafe.

The Balkan factories are proving that factories are working to create a more ethical work environment for workers, while bringing attention to other factories that need ethical working conditions. For more about the Balkan factory industry check out the video above.

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3 years ago
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