JK Rowling Sues Former Assistant for £24,000

JK Rowling, author of the critically acclaimed ‘Harry Potter’ series of books, has announced her intent to pursue legal action against her former assistant, Amanda Donaldson. Donaldson worked as Rowling’s assistant from 2014 to 2017 before being fired for personal misconduct on the job. According to legal documents, Donaldson has been accused to the tune of £23,696.32 for personal spending on a company credit card and illegally taking ‘Harry Potter’ merchandise.

Donaldson was required to submit receipts and records of all purchases made. Upon careful scrutiny of these statements, however, Rowling discovered multiple discrepancies. A large amount of non-business purchases were made on the company card, including (but not limited to) cosmetics, luxury candles, baked goods, and coffee. Rowling also claims that Donaldson used her secondary position as a manager of ‘Harry Potter’ memorabilia to steal multiple valuable items, including a ‘Harry Potter’ Wizard Collection valued at £2231.76.

Donaldson has denied all charges and insists that Rowling is not entitled to any damages from her.

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2 years ago
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