How To Save Money On Glasses

Let’s talk eyeglasses. Specifically, spectacles can be an expensive investment for those who don’t know the best places to score cheap frames. If you’re like me, you just don’t feel comfortable wearing contacts, so every few years you get new glasses that burn a hole in your pocket.

Well now, you can use Global Eyeglasses to get frames for cheap. This website has a wide array of internationally-inspired frames that replicate some of the best designer styles without the high price tag. Additionally, they offer lens protection plans that most eyewear distributors do.

With EyeBuy Direct, another option, you can opt to get blue light lenses to reduce stress on your head when looking at a screen for super cheap as well: 30 dollars and under. Additionally, they will donate a portion of their already low prices to non-profit organizations.

Finally, with Coastal, you can trade in your old glasses when buying from them so they go to a better cause and you’ll get a discount towards your next purchase. With these websites, you can now find cheaper ways to replace your eye-ware. Make sure to watch the whole playlist above for all the insights.

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2 years ago
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