Everyday Products People Waste Money On But Don’t Need Anymore

When it comes to saving money, people are often so busy that they forget about the most obvious areas.

While certain expenses, such as shopping for clothes, are easier to see and point out, there are plenty of everyday expenses that you don’t really need.

According to Business Insider, buying lottery tickets is one of those expenses that just leaves you with less money. A habitual lottery ticket buyer can easily spend over $700 per year on lottery tickets, and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum. Apart from buying lottery tickets, gambling is one of the biggest threats to people’s wallets. While gambling doesn’t carry the physical dangers of other expensive habits like smoking and drinking, it can cost people a lot, depending on the way they like to gamble. The best way to curb gambling expenses is to set a definite budget for what you’re willing to lose, or to just drop the habit entirely.

If you live in a place like New York City, a pack-a-day smoker will smoke over $5,000 worth of cigarettes every year. This doesn’t even consider the healthcare expenses that an everyday smoker can incur, which can shoot the long-term costs of smoking through the roof. Unfortunately, smoking is known as the mother of all bad habits for a reason; it’s extremely hard to quit. This means that the only sustainable way to cut costs on smoking is to drop the habit. The four ways you can quit smoking are quitting cold turkey (this usually doesn’t work), nicotine replacement therapy, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

While Amazon has taken over the online retail world, there are still ways to get many of the products you’d order from them for free. Public libraries will often have the book, DVD, or reference materials that you’re looking for.

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