Coca-Cola Is No Longer Interested In Cannabis

Coca-Cola is longer interested in trying cannabis-infused drinks. A few months ago Coke teased the possibility of getting into the marijuana industry via some cannabis infused drinks. It was also rumored that Coke was considering investing in Canadian cannabis company Aurora.

CEO Quincey James has come out and said Coke has no plan to utilize CBD (the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana) in their drinks. Even though Coke seems to be out on getting into he cannabis industry, Pepsi-Cola has not fully dismissed the idea. Pepsi CFO Hugh Johnston said they do not rule anything out before looking into it. He did continue to say it would be a challenging obstacle to overcome.

Many beer, spirits and tobacco companies are very interested in diving into the cannabis industry. At the moment, however, it seems we will not be seeing any major soft drink companies utilizing any chemicals derived from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington D.C., but it’ll be a bit longer before the industry at large embraces it.

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2 years ago
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