Big Brands are Getting Serious About eSports

Credit: Honda

The industry is growing extraordinarily quickly and the opportunity to reach out to younger audiences can’t be overlooked.

Big brands have a lot to gain by jumping into the world of eSports. If you’re looking to get your name out there in any industry, eSports provide an excellent opportunity to reach out to a younger audience. According to Reuters, 39% of brand exposure in the eSports industry is coming from companies that have little or nothing to do with gaming. Big companies like Disney, MasterCard, and Wendy’s have all gotten a piece of the eSports advertising action. Now, big car makers are also getting more involved.

The viewership of eSports is constantly expanding. According to a report by Nielsen, most fans are aged 18-35. This group also has more disposable income than any other group of sports fans, making them a demographic that can no longer be overlooked. During the last Call of Duty Battle Royale event, fans racked up nearly 550,000 combined viewing hours. Now, brands in many new industries are taking notice, adding credibility and even more potential to the growing industry.

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2 years ago
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