American Express Upgrades An Old User Favorite

American Express has made some changes to their AmEx Gold Card, an old user favorite that will likely be loved even more than before.

In celebration, the company will also be bringing back the old rose-gold color scheme as well.

American Express relaunched their gold card last fall, introducing a version that gives users 4 points per dollar spent at any US restaurant. The deal also gave users 4x points at US supermarkets and 3x points on flights booked directly with an airline. The new deal also added $120 per year in dining credits, or $10 monthly at participating chain restaurants. American Express announced some serious changes to these benefits on Thursday, and each of them make the deal even better.

The first change coming to AmEx Gold is that the 4 points per dollar at US restaurants has been expanded to every corner of the globe. For frequent travelers, this is the real deal. It should be mentioned that American Express isn’t as widely accepted as Mastercard and Visa abroad, but this is still great news for restaurant-going travelers looking to maximize the deal they’re getting.

The second change is an expansion to the list of restaurants where users can take advantage of their dining credits. New restaurants have been added to the list, and users can now use this credit for purchases on wholesale website Boxed. These developments come as American Express brings back the rose-gold version of their card, which was so popular the last time it was available that the company couldn’t process all the requests for it quickly enough.

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2 years ago