5 Easy Steps For Making A Better First Impression

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Whether you are going to a job interview, meeting new people, or going on a first date, first impressions matter.

Research shows that people are fast to judge, too! First impressions can also last a long time, as the idea of the first image you give to someone lingers in their mind, whether or not they even realize it. Several websites came together to ask the experts what they think about making a great first impression, and the results are in.

Here are the five steps the experts came up with to help you always make a great first impression:

  1. Become the interviewer while maintaining an appropriate level of engagement. Most people love to talk about themselves, but you can easily stand out by leading the conversation while you allow the other person/people to do most of the talking. Make a point of listening to the other person’s points, stay engaged, and try to bounce ideas off them.
  2. Continuing from the first point, leading the conversation too much can make what should be something resembling an interview feel more like an interrogation. Try sharing a story so the conversation feels more natural and so you’re not just agreeing with whatever others are saying. Sharing a story will make you stand out and make you more memorable.
  3. Go with the flow, but try to make sure you have something to add. Having nothing to add will not help you stand out at all, but not going with the flow can make you seem boorish. Try to go with the flow, but have some talking points to stay involved. Common and acceptable talking points include the weather, the way you ended up meeting the person in question, and so forth.
  4. Show off your colorful personality through your dress choice. This is an easier tip to take to fruition, so don’t be afraid to stand out because standing out is of course an important part of a great first impression.
  5. Lastly, remember that as Dale Carnegie said, a person’s name is the sweetest sound in any language. Use the other person’s name in the conversation and that person’s impression of you will become stronger without you actually needing to put much effort in.
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