Would It Bother You If Your Partner Made More Money Than You?

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3 years ago


Does It Matter Who Brings Home More Money?

It’s a question every couple seems to struggle with. We’ve all asked ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not, does it bother me that my partner makes more money than I do?

Put it this way, the men have always been seen as the providers for a long time, even though society has different viewpoints now-a-days and everyone’s situation is different. But, what if you’re a woman and you are making more money than your spouse, does it even seems to bother him a little? Well this isn’t surprising!


With a few recent studies out, we can now find out what really happens when she makes more than him?

• There is more divorce.
• There are more arguments.
• A lot of emotional friction.
• There is more infidelity.

The end result seems to be “more money more problem” at least when it’s the women who’s making the cash. Some men are okay when she makes more but others find themselves confused and feel as if their masculinity has been taken away from them.

It’s a hot topic that causes a lot of friction in many households. So, let’s hear from the men out there! What do you think about when she makes more?