Work-Life Balance Is More Important Than You May Think

Remember the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Well, it’s not just lip service. The age old work-life tightrope walk is more important than you may realize. Balancing work with play is extremely important for your sanity, mental health and overall wellness. When was the last time you turned off your work phone, or allowed yourself a weekend where you didn’t check your emails? Probably never, right? But researchers have found some credence to balancing life out.

A recent study conducted in Australia leaves us with some key takeaways regarding that thing called work-life balance. The study says that we do way too much unpaid labor at home, like laundry, childcare and taxes on top of our day to day work schedules.

This has given birth to the 39-hour rule. Which means, we do not spend more than 39 hours per week working. That gives us a little more wiggle room to knock some tasks off of our to-do lists and hopefully find time for ourselves. But don’t just stop at things like laundry and work around the house, make sure that you give yourself time for exercise and healthy eating. Find your hobby or hobbies, and give time and energy to those things as well. Life is about balance, and if the scale is tipped too far in one direction for too long, like it often is for work for most people, personal problems will arise.

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1 year ago
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