Toys-R-Us Selling Off Racy Domain Names


After filing for bankruptcy in September 2017, Toys’R’Us is selling off assets such as sex related domain names. The toy company will also sell off their iconic mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, and the Babies’R’Us brand.

Toys’R’Us is selling their assets to pay back the money owed to creditors. The toy company registered multiple domain names to prevent others from using the Toys’R’Us name for other companies’ advantage.

Domain names for sale include,, and Toys’R’Us also is selling related domain names such as, and They also registered some domain names to avoid any hate websites such as, and

The CEO of Toys’R’Us, David Brandon, is claiming that the company’s downfall was through the neglect of the customers and vendors, during the holiday season. There will be further liquidation and sales nationwide to help raise money to pay back their debt and creditors.

The company hopes that the selling off its intellectual property will help them repay their creditors. Toys’R’Us is liquidating 800 stores nationwide with experts saying it is one of the most valuable brands ever sold by a company going out of business.

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10 months ago