Why You Should Get Your Business Accredited By The Better Business Bureau

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When it comes to free advertising while proving your honesty, why not take the offer?

The Better Business Bureau is known for going after scammers more than anything else, but they are also known for a more important role they play. The Better Business Bureau can actually do many things for you if you’re an honest business owner.

The Better Business Bureau works with honest businesses and consumers to promote “truth in advertising and integrity in business.” As such, they allow businesses to reach out to them for help. Choosing to get accredited by the Better Business Bureau is a sign that you agree with their mission, and would like to share more about your business on a forum where consumers can find you in as safe a context as possible.

The first benefit to Better Business Bureau accreditation is a public profile which is visible to the general public. This profile is free and includes your rating, hours of business, and any products and services you offer. The BBB is one of the leading sources of information pre-purchase, and they receive over 11 million local phone calls and website visits each year. A BBB profile allows you to show off everything you have to offer, and consumers can even reach out to BBB-accredited businesses through their BBB profiles to get a quote!

The Better Business Bureau provides tons of other perks as well. One such example is their accredited business discount, which offers valuable savings for credit card processing, dispute resolution, and more. Their site even comes complete with an analytics report on all profile activity.

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4 months ago