When To Scrimp And When To Splurge


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What are the everyday products that you can generic versions of? And which are the things you should pay the extra dollars for?

Is that high end chocolate bar really worth the money? What about those premium coffee beans that you just can’t live without? Well, have no fear because Consumer Reports is out with a new outlook on what you should scrimp on and what you really can afford to splurge on.


We all know everyone is looking to save money these days and there are times when it pays to save and penny pinch and other times you just have to break the bank.

But when it comes to splurging and Consumer Reports is looking at all the new products and here are some that are worth the splurge:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream = $1.03 per serving
  • Coffee = $11.37 per pound

On the flip side many people are wondering what you should really scrimp on? And well, with the Consumer Report findings you might be a little shocked.

  • Dark Chocolate = 60 cents per serving
  • Bacon = 47 cents per serving
  • Toilet paper = 25 cents per roll

So, what item on both of these lists really surprised the Consumer Reports guru Tod Marks? He said hands down the toilet paper.

This is because they have seen some premium products that cost three to four times as much. For example, Sharman makes some really high end stuff with great performance ratings but when you think about it Wal-Mart’s White Cloud brand at 25 cents with the best deal, it’s stuff that everyone goes through quite a bit. It was a great bargain and Consumer Report testers gave it two thumbs up.

What an interesting list and such a tough job for all those guys out there who have to test all that chocolate and bacon!

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4 years ago