When Side Hustles Become Full-Time Jobs

Photo Credit: Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider

As the gig economy accelerates forward, many people are finding new ways to turn their side hustles into full time jobs or businesses.

If you’ve found something that you truly love and can make money on, it’s probably best if you keep it going as far as you can. When it comes to some of the most successful people in business today, the source of their fortune didn’t start with a job; it started with a hobby or side hustle.

Bonobos cofounder and former CEO Andy Dunn is certainly doing well for himself now. The businessman sold Bonobos to Walmart back in 2017 for $310 million. He now works at Walmart as their senior vice president of digital brands. While he has plenty of business acumen, he got started off while he was still earning his MBA at Stanford Graduate school. During his studies, Dunn would sell chinos out of his car. During his time at Stanford, Dunn worked with his roommate and soon-to-be cofounder Brian Spaley to design new men’s pants and see to it they got sold. These efforts have all paid off, and then some.

There are plenty of examples of this in the world of celebrities as well. Jay-Z is the first hip-hop billionaire, but he made most of his money from his other businesses. When it comes to all kinds of professions, there are more opportunities than ever to monetize a hobby or side hustle you have a passion for. You don’t need to have a big name to monetize or even particularly strong skills to get started. It just takes a lot of research, but more importantly, a lot of work. Every kind of gig can now be monetized on one platform or another. If you can’t find a platform to monetize a gig on, there’s always the possibility of building the platform, which can be even more financially rewarding.

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