When It Comes To Credit Cards, Millennials Prefer Rewards

A new survey conducted by CreditCards.com has revealed several interesting behaviors demonstrated by millennials.

When it comes to credit cards, millennials love promotions, and tend to forgo on long-term, generically useful offers.

Would you rather get a better interest rate or a $600 credit for your next vacation abroad? Millennials are wise with money in certain ways, but don’t always make great decisions regarding personal finance. Millennials (those aged 23-38) tend to prefer the extravagant to the practical when it comes to credit. 36% of millennials say they would prefer a sign-up bonus of $500 in cash or $1200 in travel credit over 3% cash back on all purchases, which was favored by only 32% of respondents, or 0% interest on new purchases (11%). More than one-third of millennials say a lucrative sign-up offer is the most attractive feature for a credit card. On the flipside, those aged 39 or over tend to favor 0% offers on new purchases or balance transfers.

When it comes to what millennials want in a credit card, 68% want rewards. There are reasons for this, however. Millennials are more likely to travel than their elders, and they tend to value getting a good deal on flights and hotels. In this way, millennials are actually being very smart. Regardless, it’s important to take advantage of the rewards which will best benefit you. At the same time, it’s good to not rip yourself off by denying yourself savings in the long-term.

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5 months ago
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