What’s The Real Cost Of Flipping A House?

Remodeling your home is always a hassle on the wallet. Some people like to tackle the project head-on, which saves money on workers and interior designers. Others like to get the help of experts. One such expert is Chip Gaines, star of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” and now, marathon-runner in training.

What is the benefit of hiring a remodeler to turn your home from a hut to a Hollywood home? Sure, you’ll get the expertise, precision, and a chance to be on HGTV, but you have to be willing to drop at least 30,000 dollars on renovations in order for Gaines to consider flipping your home. Additionally, when signing up for the show, you surrender the right to any input on the design choices and you give the crew complete occupancy of your house. You might end up having to pay to stay at an Airbnb for months, which just adds to the cost.

By taking on a project yourself, you can do it at the price and leisure you decide. Sure, it might take longer, but going room by room will allow you to pace out your budget and prioritize what renovations are most important. You’ll never be forced out of your own home, and you will have complete control on how the decor in your home looks.

In terms of cost, you give up more than just big bucks to get the Gaines’ to fix your home, yet families in Waco, Texas continue to sign up, making the show a market success for HGTV.

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9 months ago
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