What Should You Stop Buying This Year?

With January of a new year in full swing, it’s time we reassess the previous year and figure out a game plan to make this year even more fiscally productive. So, buckle up…you’re going to be hearing a lot about 2017 and what went wrong and what went well.

Hopefully you’ve already done some thinking of your own, even if it didn’t involve a resolution. We are here to help aid you in that process of personal finance productivity…and it can all start with spending less money. Isn’t that always step one of saving money, stop spending money? Well, it’s not prudent to halt all of your spending, but there are some things you may want to avoid purchasing this year if you’re looking to be a little responsible with money, your health and resources.

What you should stop buying this year, and why:

Keurig K-cups: first of all, they are a one-time-use item. That’s always a red flag. Also, they are not environmentally friendly and they sell reusable K-cups that you can refill each time.
Immune boosters: products like Emergen-C and Airborne are glorified multi-vitamins. Perhaps try and get the nutrients and vitamins your body needs through the foods you eat, or spend less money on a multi-vitamin.
Diet soda: Soda in general is not the greatest for your health, if you haven’t heard already.
Movie concessions: An average markup of concession products is as high as 1,275%. That’s what a purse is for, right?
Acne treatment: Many of these products actually cause more harm than good.
Designer jeans: From a financial perspective, designer clothing is the most overpriced of all retail products.

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1 year ago