Volkswagen Will Launch a Tesla X Rival in 2021

Volkswagen isn’t letting Tesla off without a fight.

Volkswagen reported on Sunday that they are planning to build their own electric sports utility vehicle. The new design will be launched on the Chinese market in 2021.

Tesla has been leading the way when it comes to electric vehicles for some time now. This is still very true in China. That being said, Tesla has faced a few challenges in China before. Recently, one error in shipping labels caused approximately 1600 Tesla Model 3 cars to be held by the General Administration of Customs (GAC). The company has even faced protests in China stemming from Tesla’s decision to significantly lower the price on both the Model S and Model X.

Volkswagen’s new SUVs will be the latest in Volkswagen’s campaign to corner the market for electric cars in China. Plug-in passenger cars make up 0.94% of all cars on the road in China, compared with 0.45% in the US. Volkswagen reports that their ID ROOMZZ will come equipped with three rows for seating and a 450 kms operating range.

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2 months ago
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