Vacation Savings: Where To Go And Where To Avoid

It’s not too late to start planning that summer getaway if you’re craving something new. But some cities will cost you a lot more than others for vacation. Here are 10 cities you need to avoid when making travel plans this summer, as they’ll rack up a bigger bill because of their expensive night life.

10. Prague
9. Tokyo
8. Hong Kong
7. Paris
6. Sydney
5. Barcelona
4. New York
3. Stockholm
2. Miama
1. Zurich

So where can you go to get the best savings this summer? Try to stay within the U.S. and look out for these four niche hotspots that can give you a tourist experience without breaking the bank.

1. Block Island, Rhode Island
Go the week of June 11th and the prices will be at their lowers.
2. Lake George, New York
Same thing: the week of June 11th will rack you up the most savings.
3. Yellowstone, Montana
If you can wait all the way until the week of August 27th, you’ll save the most money!
4. Anchorage, Alaska
While it might not seem like the destination for vacation, you can save 9% on regular travel prices the week of August 27th.

So where will your summer hotspot be this year?

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