Use Technology to Fine Tune Your Finances

Maintaining financial goals presents challenges to most people. One way to ease the burden is to use your smartphone to stay on track. There are a lot of free apps designed to make budgeting and keeping track of spending simple and intuitive.

Financial professional Adam Bruno recommends Acorns. This savings app makes investing easy by rounding up each purchase on your linked debit and credit cards to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. Even though it only takes pennies from each transaction, the money adds up over time.

It’s painless because most people won’t miss a few cents here and there. Acorns is great for anyone who may be intimidated by the thought of self-directed investing. It offers a simple way to save and you can watch the money grow.

The important thing about financial planning is to have a map of what you want your money to achieve on your behalf. Your money should work for you to help you reach your goals. Find a budgeting app that is easy for you to reference on a regular basis. There are so many options that there is literally an app for everyone’s spending and saving styles.

Apps like You Need A Budget, PocketGuard, Albert, and Prism are highly rated by users. It’s easy for anyone with a bank account and a smartphone to get started with a budgeting app.

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6 months ago