Uber Is Offering More Green Rides

We live in a time where we are starting to see some major effects on the environment. This has made people more aware of how their own lifestyle can impact the environment. People are now trying to find more green alternatives, which is a great move for the human race.

Uber, one of the world’s largest ride sharing apps, has taken notice of this and decided to offer more green options. Now, if you have ever used Uber before, you are probably aware most of their drivers are pretty environmentally focused, since most of the cars you will be getting in are Pruises. Uber wants to take this one step further though, and has purchased a bike share company. Their hopes are to roll out bikes on their major platform.

This is not only great for the environment it is also great for people in metropolitan areas to spend more time outdoors. The new bike sharing feature will also have great health benefits for its users. This is truly a great idea by Uber; they are really doing their part to help the environment and the human race.

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5 months ago
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