Turner Broadcasting is Trying To Evolve With The Times

The way most people consume video content has changed drastically over the last few years, thanks mostly to the huge growth of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Both of these streaming giants changed the video content game over night. Turner Broadcasting is not ready to give up the fight, though.

David Levy, the current president of Turner Broadcasting, has been taking notes on how people want to consume their content. The days of someone having to tune in to a program at a certain time to catch the latest episode is long gone for most consumers. With everyone’s schedules being as hectic as they are, is is important for consumers to get the content they want when they want it.

Turner Broadcasting’s founder, the eponymous Ted Turner, is all too familiar with the concept of having to evolve to stay relevant. He is one of the people to push for 24 hour news. The latest plan is to give people Turner content wherever and whenever they want it. At this time there are no specifics on exactly what their plan is or when it will be unveiled, but we can say Turner is doing all it can do to stay relevant and evolve with the times.

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5 months ago