Turn Your Collectibles Into Cash Fast!

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3 years ago


Turn Your Collection into Cash

Your forgotten toys, antiques, and knick-knacks may have a better use than collecting dust in the attic or basement, namely putting cash in your pocket. Believe it or not top dealers are looking to pay top dollar for the right items in the right condition. So, what’s the hot era right now? The answer is the 1960s.


This era is particularly hot right now especially for Barbie’s in their original boxes but also for art and costume jewelry as well.

Have some of these items laying around or perhaps some old baseball cards? Baseball cards from the 60s are going for extremely high prices now and collectors are just dying to get their hands on those old cards ASAP.

Have any furniture from the mid twentieth century? Don’t throw it in the trash just yet because you’re in luck, these items are on the top list for collectors now as well.

Are you debating if your old items have value? Have no fear, just fetch yourself an appraiser. They will be able to tell you if your items are worth selling and how much they should actually be going for!

They usually charge prices from $75-150 an hour but you could benefit from some high cash rewards later on.

So if you have something useful, artful, or unusual lying around be sure to get it checked out because it can earn you some extra cash in the long run.