TripAdvisor Reveals Top Airlines Worldwide

If I have to watch that Virgin Airlines safety video one more time…

The airline industry has been going through several changes in recent years. Changes in technology, amenities, and customer service often cause passengers to have a completely different experience. Based on those changes and the resulting customer satisfaction (or occasional lack thereof), TripAdvisor has revealed their list of the best airlines around the world in 2019. The top picks were revealed during TripAdvisor’s annual Traveler’s choice awards. The rankings are based on the feedback of millions of airline passengers.

5 – Japan Airlines

Customers at Japan Airlines report that the company has excellent customer service, while also keeping their planes spotless.

4 – Emirates

Customers report that Emirates has the best first class section of all the airlines. The airline also maintains generally great reviews.

3 – EVA Air

EVA Air has maintained great reviews for a while now. The Taiwanese carrier is widely renowned for its in-flight food and spacious seating.

2 – Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways won the top place for Business class. The airline also maintains high ratings across the board, including excellent customer service and a better check-in and boarding experience.

1 – Singapore Airlines

The top place goes to Singapore Airlines, which has won the top spot for the second year in a row. Customers at the world’s best airline are thankful for flawless customer service and excellent in-flight entertainment options.

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10 months ago