Three Tips To Lower Your Grocery Bill

Are you finding it difficult to eat healthy because your grocery bill is so expensive? Well here are some tips to save some money and eat well.

Join a rewards program! The Nielsen Consumer Panel provides you with a free scanner (or you can use your smart phone). When you do your regular shopping you just scan the barcodes and send it off to Nielsen and they use that consumer information. Now here is the best part. For every thing you buy, you receive gift points. As you rack up these points you can redeem them for different products.

Next is Ebates. You can go to their website, find your favorite store and shop through there. You can also download an extension to your browser which will update you with potential savings. Ebates also gives you your rebate at the end of the quarter through PayPal or a check in the mail.

Lastly, there is a company called Zaycon Fresh. It provides meat in bulk packaging but at wholesale price. You look at local farmers, send in your order, and on a designated date, go and pick up your order!
These three companies are great for saving money and in some cases, giving you some back!

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1 year ago
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