These Are The Fastest Growing Occupations

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11 months ago

Maybe 2018 is a year of new opportunities for you in the occupation area of your life. Or, perhaps you’re just curious about what the fastest growing occupations currently are. If you are currently employed, check and see if what you are doing for a living seems to be the latest trend! If you are looking for a new job, these career paths could be great places to start the search.

Fastest growing occupations, with growth projections:
-Information Security Analysts: projected 28% growth before 2026.
-Medical Assistants: projected 29% growth before 2026.
-Bicycle Repairers: projected 29.4% growth before 2026.
-Mathematicians: projected 29.4% growth before 2026.
-Software Developers: projected 30.5% growth before 2026.
-Physical Therapist Assistants: projected 30.8% growth before 2026.

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