The Twitter CEO’s Different Daily Routine

Jack Dorsey’s system is odd, but apparently, it works for him.

Jack Dorsey is now 42, and he’s pushing himself as hard as ever. On a recent podcast with Ben Greenfield, the CEO described his daily routine, which he believes improves his overall performance and health. During the podcast, Dorsey discussed his daily intermittent fasting, and other habits such as walking to work and hydrotherapy. The idea, as Dorsey communicates, is to perform at a high level on a daily basis while running both Twitter and Square effectively.

According to Dorsey, the first step to becoming highly efficient is to cut down on food. Dorsey only eats one meal per day, dinner, between 6:30pm and 9:00pm, against the advice of most health experts. His dishes generally consist of protein and vegetables. He does treat himself to dessert of course, but limits that strictly, especially in terms of sugar. The end result, according to the CEO himself, is much more focus during the day. He doesn’t eat during the weekend at all, and only drinks water.

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2 months ago
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