The Top Jobs in America Will Make You a Pretty Penny

When it comes to the highest-paying jobs in America, there are more than a few opportunities for you to get rich.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the highest-paying jobs in the US are managerial positions. Beyond that, other high-paying jobs require proficiency in mathematics or software.

At the top of the list, data scientist came in with a median base annual salary of $108,000. Glass Door put data scientist at the top of their list, and Market Watch has had data scientist at the top of their list for four consecutive years. Nursing managers come in at a distant second, with their base annual salary being $83,000. The last entry on the top three is marketing manager, a job that should net you around $82,000 per year.

Glass Door made a comprehensive list of jobs based on earning potential, job openings, and job satisfaction. One entry by the US News & World Report puts software developers at the top of their list. While software developers make a six-figure salary comparable to those of data scientists, the report cites software developers’ flexible hours and remote work opportunities.

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5 months ago
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