The Shift Towards Amazon For Shoppers Continues

It’s not ‘new’ news that Amazon has been pulling consumers away from the malls and brick and mortar retailers since it took off. The retail giant is stronger than ever, and CEO Jeff Bezos was recently named one of the richest men to ever live. So, Amazon is a powerhouse e-tailer that is not going anywhere.

The latest news for the company has to do with the continued pull of consumers away from retailers like Target and Macy’s. Amazon not only offers competitive prices on their own clothing, but they have started to sell brands that were once hard to find anywhere but these brick and mortar retailers. Shoppers can now get that perfect date-night dress, along with free two-day shipping, from the same company they’re ordering their laundry detergent from. The online retailer has continued to broaden what it sells, which has caused consumers to continue to purchase more and more from them.

Coresight recently performed a research study to see Amazon’s performance as it compares to other retailers. 46 percent of respondents said they made an apparel purchase from the e-tailer in the past year. Amazon also seems to be stealing apparel sales from big-box retailers and department stores alike. More than 30 percent of Target shoppers have switched some of their apparel spending to Amazon.

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1 year ago