The Secret Behind a CEO’s Success May Be in the Voice

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2 years ago

What’s in a voice? Believe it or not more than you might think….That’s right, by analyzing the ways that public speakers gain the attention of their audience, scientists have increasing evidence that the voice can be a huge tool when it comes to great persuasive power. But is it a tool that we can all learn?

To start, you really need to know what makes someones voice persuasive. At the University of California experts have identified the pitch, frequency, tone, and more of what they call the charismatic voice. The have studied the voices of leaders/politicians who have the unique capacity to sway large groups of voters and people who can easily get their messages across. They are also finding the key patterns that run across different languages. It’s as if there is a universal set of power cords.

With that being said, powerful leaders and politicians around the world often share a similar set of unique characteristics in their voices. Yes some of it is biological, but some of it is also cultural. However, what they found across all of those variables was that there were a certain set of characteristics that they all share.

Some results that they found was that people with deep and loud voices tend to be more dominant where as people that have high pitch voices tend to be more submissive. What all the leaders had in common was that they were able to be dominant in all levels of frequency.

So when it comes down to it the real question we all want to know is if all these leaders/politicians are born with their talent or can their talent be learned. And the answer is yes, these people do have a natural gift, but there are some things that can be learned like the ability to really use the full range of your voice….For more great details on how you can learn to become a leader be sure to check out the video above.

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