The Roadmap To Your Dream Job At 40, 50, And Beyond!

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3 years ago


Your Dream Job For Today, Tomorrow & Beyond!

Can you turn your passion into a career while you are in your forties, fifties and even beyond? Well, bestselling author Kerry Hannon says yes! When you turn forty and fifty your life is not over, it is just a new chapter in your life.


So, what are some key tips?

  • Don’t rush into anything: Find your passion in life. Take the time to think about what really matters to you and even if it is a hobby you can turn it into your dream job.
  • Acquire the skills: After you have found out what you really are passionate about, make sure you acquire the skills you need or the education that you need a long the way. This way when you are ready you can turn your hobby into your dream job.
  • Network: Find out the demand for what you want to do. Find people who have already done it and see where they went right or even wrong.
  • Be financially fit: Make sure that you are ready to make that next move in your life. If you have the finances that it takes for your dream job then go for it! However, be on a fitness plan, meaning make sure that you have a budget and even some savings stocked away. If you are creating your own business you might not be able to pay yourself for the first year or two.

So, if you are approaching or already in your forties and fifties, make sure that you are aware of your goals and then follow a plan. Making your dream job come to life in your forties and fifties is an excellent idea. Never think you are too old to start!