The Most Competitive Global Cities

When it comes to cities, not all are created equal. Some cities in the world hold a larger influence over business than other cities do. Here are some of the most business competitive global cities in the world.
Chicago. The windy city has two of the biggest commodity exchanges in the world.
Singapore. Shipping and finance are the big dogs here and they tend to reign supreme.
Los Angeles. The city of angels is home to a key hub to Asia as well as housing the Hollywood empire.
Tokyo. The capital of Japan is one of the most educated cities in the world.
London. The powerful business city is one of a kind but it is questioned if Brexit will tatter its status.
New York City. You knew this one was coming. It is home to Wall Street along with the current president, Donald Trump.
Looking for a successful career in business? Moving to one of these cities will almost guarantee a prosperous venture.

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