The Process Of A Hit TV Show Music Supervisor

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1 year ago

The Woman Behind The Music

Grey’s Anatomy fans know how to ride the proverbial emotional roller coaster…each episode is jammed pack with scenes that make you cry, make you laugh, and of course make you wish you had gone to medical school.

The emotional scenes are amped up by the awesome music the show is known for. The woman behind the music, Alexandra Patsavas, knows how to mimic the emotions of the scene with her musical expertise.

Patsavas has worked on over 60 films and TV Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Twilight Saga, The O.C., and Gossip Girl (to name a few). Her 30 year fall, as she puts it, began in LA and has been quite an eventful ride.

Grey’s Anatomy Producer Shonda Rhimes told Patsavas she wanted music as score, music in scenes that music isn’t always found, and Patsavas has given us just that. Hearing her process on music selection will perhaps cause you to listen with a different ear.

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