The Does & Don’ts When Inside an Uber or Lyft

Mind your Ps and Qs in an L or U.

Lyft and Uber, among other ride-hailing services, have exploded onto the world stage in recent years. It’s been a rough ride in many ways, as controversies surrounding the safety of both drivers and passengers have been revealed. This is just one of the challenges this emerging industry has had to face in recent years. When it comes to manners, there is also another challenge being presented from the passengers’ side. Business Insider has spoken to dozens of Uber and Lyft drivers to find out what they consider to be appropriate behavior. There were a few universal complaints that most drivers held.

First of all, if you want to eat inside of someone else’s car, you should ask first. This was the number one complaint by drivers, as odors left inside the vehicle can cause the next passenger to leave the driver bad reviews, and to blame them for the smell. It’s important to remember that when you take an Uber or Lyft, you are in someone else’s personal vehicle, and your actions will have consequences for them. Simply asking the driver is the best way to ensure you’re not being rude.

Of course, smells are important for professional drivers, as they affect the ability of the driver to get good reviews and make more money. As far as smells that don’t come from food go, the biggest complaint by drivers surrounds the smell of marijuana. While many young people enter an Uber or Lyft smelling of marijuana, drivers usually won’t mind so long as the passenger doesn’t try to smoke it in the car. The main problem, however, is that if another passenger complains about the smell of Marijuana at all, the driver can be deactivated from one of these two apps. The main smells that bother other passengers are food, marijuana, cigarette, or pet-related odors.

Next, don’t ignore your driver. While many passengers and drivers alike enjoy a quiet ride, it’s different when you refuse to even acknowledge them. Simply saying ‘hi’ often suffices.

Lastly, some of the most obvious complaints surround slamming doors, being late for the ride, flirting with the driver, or calling a ride for a minor. Remember that passengers under 18 cannot drive inside a Lyft or Uber without a parent or guardian.

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