The Costco Products That Many Costco Employees Don’t Buy

Costco is well known and highly regarded for their excellent, low-cost bulk prices.

You can get almost unbelievable value from Costco much of the time, but this isn’t always the case. The wholesaler sells all kinds of products, not all of which are cheap.

When it comes to certain products, employees at Costco have certain reservations. Business Insider reached out to Costco employees to find out what they think about the products their employer sells, and the products that these employees wouldn’t buy at Costco. Many of these Costco employees cited the store’s bulk sizes as a reason they’d pass on some products. Bulk produce simply doesn’t fit in with many Costco employees’ lifestyles, and the purchases they could make are simply too big.

Costco is known for cheap, bulk sales, but this comes with a downside that chases off many employees from buying them. This is particularly true of perishables, but Costco employees have reported similar reasons for skipping out on a few Costco products. Among the products that most of these employees wouldn’t buy at Costco, there are protein bars, powders, or supplements. These protein products simply don’t offer these employees the value their looking for.

Beyond protein products, other employees said they wouldn’t purchase produce. “While our produce department is one of the best in the business, I personally don’t eat veggies fast enough to buy in bulk,” said one Costco employee in Idaho. Lastly, there are tires, which top off the list of things Costco employees say they wouldn’t buy from Costco.

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7 months ago
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