Texas Leaders Unite on Property Taxes And School Finance Reform

The top three leaders in Texas have pledged to unite to solve a voter mandate to increase education funding while lowering property taxes. During a joint news conference between Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and speaker of the house Dennis Bonnen, a pledge was made to raise teacher’s salaries, particularly those that boost student’s performance. The group also pledged to increase spending and take a look at the teacher retirement system, without providing further details. At the same time, they pledged to work together to reduce property taxes.

The three did not provide further details, but they all agreed that these issues will be their primary focus going forward. When asked about the potential of a bathroom privacy bill being brought to the floor once again, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick replied that the issue has been settled and debate is no longer necessary.

The unprecedented show of unity between the Texan leadership has the potential to answer the voter’s mandate to tackle these key issues. While the three did not go into details, they promised to focus on these issues instead of the longstanding debate over the state’s bathroom privacy. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick accused those that insist on bringing the bill back to the floor of being stuck in the past.

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5 months ago
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