Spruce Up Your Rental Home for Cheap

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3 years ago

Rental Home Fixers Ups

Looking at a rental home can be frustrating when it comes to home improvements, you want to dress the place up, but technically, it’s not yours so there’s always that little fear that you’re going to lose your security deposit at the end of your lease. Luckily there are a few ways to pass things up without breaking the bank or your contract:

  • If you want to add an update to your kitchen, try swapping out your old kitchen cabinet handles for some newer more stylish hardware. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!
  • Switching out other things like your light switches, door knobs and faucets can rejuvenate your place without those pricey renovations.
  • Did you know you could give your old walls a touch up without the permanence of a paint roller? Removable wall paper is going to be your new best friend! It’s a great way to cover up an old paint job.
  • If you’re just looking to add a little style without covering your whole wall, try using vinyl wall decals, not only are they easy to apply, you can peal them off without damaging the surface.

If you want to add some life to your old floors, try using modular carpet tiles, these require no adhesive to install and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors