Spending-Free Weekend Challenge

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4 years ago

Looking for the a new way to reduce your expenses and balance your budget? If so, this could be the perfect time to challenge yourself to a spending-free weekend. All of us can feel like a shopaholic at one time or another, feel freed from your spending with this simple zero-expense challenge. If you think you have what it takes, here are a few tips to get you started.

A spending-free weekend is just what is sounds like, it’s two days where no money leaves your bank-account, wallet or credit card. While this may sound scary to some of you out there, it’s not as tough as it seems, especially if you fill that time with some productive, free activities.
One great place to start is with your hobbies (no, shopping doesn’t count) look into ways you can explore the unique things you like to do without spending a dime. For example, instead of going out to the movies, go online and watch that free documentary you’ve been to see.

Any other book worms out there? Instead of getting your traditional vanilla latte and pursuing the shelves of your local bookstore, make yourself a coffee to go and head out to your public library. We love find unexplored nooks and settling in with a good book.

Don’t forget all the fun and not so fun things you can do around the house, like all those little chores you’ve been meaning to get around to. Don’t forget to check the parts of your appliances to make sure they’re staying well maintained. Your household will run smoother saving you time and money!