Some Student Loans Offer Freebies

Student loans aren’t always the terrifying monsters that their reputation paints them as.

At this point in history, “student loan” is a term that inspires fear in some and regret in others. That being said, private student loans actually do provide you with a few freebies that are worth looking into. If you know you’ll be in debt when you are finished college anyway, then why not take advantage of all the benefits that taking a student loan can net you?

If you take a loan out from certain institutions, you can be rewarded for it. For example, SoFi offers career coaching for students who receive a loan from them. According to Nerdwallet, several lenders offer interest rate discounts as well. Take the example of Citizens Bank, which offers an additional 0.25% discount off of another loan’s interest rate if you have a qualifying savings account. Wells Fargo offers the same discount but bumps it up to 0.5% if you have a portfolio with them. If you are looking for a student loan right now, many employers also offer benefits.

Keep in mind that you should max out your federal loans first, and look into private loans if you could use the freebies.

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2 months ago
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