Practical Tips to Save Money When You Barbeque

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2 years ago

Memorial Day weekend is finally here and that means spending time with your friends and family and possibly having a few bbqs throughout the weekend. With that being said, you will probably be looking to save in any way you can because purchasing food for a large crowd can get pricy quick. So here are some great money saving tips for your Memorial Day weekend barbeques:

#1: Have Everyone Bring A Dish
Spending time with your friends and family is great, but cooking for a large crowd can be time consuming and pricy. One of the best things to do is have your guests bring one dish each. This will help cut the cost at the grocery store and it will allow your guests to get creative with their own dishes.

#2: Know What You’re Getting At the Butcher
When you think of barbeques you think of meat. So a key rule to remember when you head to the butcher is when people cut meat, you’re literally paying for every time they put a knife to that piece of meat. So a great tip if you’re ordering ribs for example, is to ask for ‘rib end pork chops.’ These are delicious and slow cooking, so you know the piece of meat will be filled with flavor.

#3: Perfecting That Smoky Taste Without A Smoker
If you’re looking for that smoky taste, but don’t have a smoker? Take some wood chips and wrap them in tin foil leaving the top open. Place them in the back right corner of the grill and you will have that smoky taste you have been looking for in no time!

But it doesn’t end here. Be sure to check out the video above for more great tips and tricks to save at your Memorial Day weekend barbeque…enjoy!

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