Pharmacist Shares 3 Money-Saving Secrets

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3 years ago

Your Prescription For Savings Is Right Here!

Believe it or not, about 70 percent of Americans are taking at least one prescription drug and more than half take two or more. So, if you are tired of spending a fortune at the pharmacy then you came to the right place because one pharmacist is sharing with us the secrets on how to save big at the pharmacy.

Tip #1: Split Pills In Half!
The first tip that Mona recommends is using a pill cutter. Different pills come in different strengths but that’s not what changes the cost. It’s really the amount of medication that you are receiving. So this is really great tip for those who may not have insurance. For example, if you need a 10mg dose, ask your doctor to write you double the strength and cut the pill in half. Cut the pill in half and cut your cost, it’s that simple!

Tip #2: RX For OTC Medication
Tip number two is to ask for your over the counter prescription but ask for your doctor to write it as a regular prescription. And this is talking about anything over the counter. This way you show up with your prescription and have your insurance pay for it. You can even have your pharmacist call your doctor and ask for it. They will literally go out on to the floor grab a Tylenol and write a prescription for it!

Tip #3: Older Versions Work Just As Good!
Every medication is in a drug class and pharmaceutical companies are always coming out with a new medication. Now in this case newer isn’t always better. They can be just as effective because when a new drug comes into the market it has to go through drug testing and FDA approval, which can be expensive. Remember more money for the company means more money for the patient so, with that being said, ask your doctor for an older version that is just as effective and has more data collected on it!