Paying The Way To Success?

Life is a game about numbers: How many people you know, how much money you make, etc. But in today’s world, there’s a direct correlation between the two. More followers or social media likes could mean more opportunities in the world. That’s why people are buying likes on Facebook and Instagram in order to boost their chances to get a job. Not only that, but some people are paying for references so they have a better shot at landing their job! It may be shocking, but unfortunately, cheating the system works sometimes.

Influencers are huge on Youtube and Instagram. They make their money per social media post. But, in order to become an influencer, you have to have a following. Some people who dream of getting to review products and get paid to make sponsored posts, including celebrities, will pay for automatic likes on their account so it makes them seem more popular. If companies see the number of people you potentially could outreach, they won’t test to make sure everyone of those individuals is actually a real person.

But let’s talk about the unethical practice of buying references for a job. Let’s say you have a really big interview and you want to show you have the recommendations on your resume. Does paying for someone who doesn’t know you to sign off on how great of an employee you are actually get you far in life? Websites like Career Execuse can fill in missing references and job history in your file so you seem like a more capable candidate than you actually are. My advice? Be honest and show your interviewer who you really are. If you have to explain a time of unemployment, then be straightforward. You can’t always buy your way to success, especially if you don’t have the money to begin with.

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6 months ago
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