Partnering To Solve Global Issues: This Cape Will Glow Red When You Encounter Higher Levels Of Pollution

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2 years ago

This useful and cool cape has been designed to glow red whenever you walk through a polluted zone. Composed of laser cut plastic that is glued to poly cotton cloth, the design is part art and part science.

If the environment that you are in is OK, the light is white or blue and it responds very well to the inhalation and exhalation of the person who is wearing it. As the pollution level increases, the entire keep becomes more and more red in color until the entire keep becomes red. This red color means that’s the level of pollution is extremely high. The project to create the cape was funded by environmental activist group ‘Invisible Dust’. The inspiration came from the founder’s experience as an asthma suffer.

She had a very bad asthma attack and it prompted her to consider how to convey that humans are sensors and can sense different environmental changes. This cape not only alerts when air pollution levels rise; it also looks pretty cool.