Ooni Will Pay You To Make Pizzas With Their Ovens And Share About It Online

The outdoor oven makers Ooni develop portable, wood fire ovens that are perfect for making pizza the old fashion way. Most pizza fanatics agree, the way makes the best pizza.

The crust, the evenness of the cooking, and the speed that they are made are all reasons to eat wood fire cooked pizza, and Ooni make ovens in which you can actually do this. A regular sized pie will cook in just 60 seconds when the Ooni oven has reached the correct temperature, and one can simply slide a pie in and out with the Ooni pizza spoon.

A giant brick oven just isn’t feasible for the average pizza lover, but these ovens take up almost no space and work just as well. And the best part about Ooni? They are allowing people to apply to become part of their team by paying users who apply to make and try out new kinds of pizza.

It almost sounds too good to be true, because freelancers who are selected for the job can make up to $1,000 bucks a day. They are looking for passionate pizza makers, who have some experience with this kind of thing, to try out experimental pizzas, and post and share their pies on social media platforms.

This will make the lucky 10 people selected brand ambassadors for Ooni, formerly spelled Uuni. These ambassadors will also go to live events, and can apply online to the company. In addition, several other items can be cooked in an Ooni for awesome results.

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5 months ago