Nissan Joins Google With Major Partners

Nissan will be partnering with Google to bring about a new dashboard infotainment system for their vehicles. This will be an Android operating system, with software that connects users to their on-board entertainment, like music and radio, and information systems such as GPS, and Google assistants and stores.

The companies plan on making this OS the cutting edge for onboard, and off board, car systems, and hope it will make life simpler for drivers, and a more hands-free experience to make driving safer. This new software is unnamed as of now. The Volvo car company currently has a Google infotainment system.

The “Alliance” between Japanese manufacturers Nissan and Mitsubishi, and French manufacturer Renault, sells a combined 10.6 million vehicles worldwide, 1 in 10 cars sold. Nissan, and its partners Mitsubishi and Renault, will utilize this enterprise with Google for all of their new vehicles.

The Android OS will also be compatible with Apple products. This partnership will be beginning in 2021, and the companies plan to have a network of connected vehicles that are up gradable and integrated. Other plans for the companies are self-driving and electric cars.

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9 months ago
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